Highland Farrier Company

Farriery Services.

Nick Crosby, Nicole Crosby & Tracey Crosby


The happiness and health of the horse is the most important thing to our company.

We are a family run business.  A Father and Daughter team of farriers serving  a large area of the far North of Scotland; covering Inverness through toThurso, Nairn through to Gairloch.  Nick & Nicole take care of the shoeing with Tracey keeping the accounts in order.

Nick qualified in 1987 at the Hereford School of Farriery after completing the Diploma in Farriery.  Nicole passed her Dip. W.C.F in 2013 and is now a fully qualified farrier.



Continued Professional Development (C.P.D.)

Nick regularly attends CPD courses to keep up with modern advances and techniques such as Imprint shoes.

Remedial Shoeing

The company covers most things to do with the equine feet.  We are able to offer remedial shoeing when required.  This maybe heart bar shoes, egg bar shoes, imprint shoes to mention just a few.  If your vet has recommended a certain kind of corrective shoeing then we are happy to oblige and willing to liaise with the vet concerned. 


The recommended guidelines for time between shoeing is every four to six weeks.  However, this depends on the work and the type of horse or pony.  Every equine is different and some may go longer, others will go a shorter time between visits.